The 6th ridler report

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  1. ‘Academic institution’ includes coach, lecturer, researcher or administrator in a school or a university (not including business schools).
  2. ‘Charity’ includes individual whose principal occupation is working for a charity
  3. ‘Commercial organisation’ includes:
    1. External coach in a coaching practice which consists of more than one coach
    2. Consultant / supervisor / other professional in a commercial organisation (including coaching consultancy, coach training organisation) with more than one consultant / practitioner
    3. Organisational sponsor / commissioner of coaching in a commercial organisation
    4. HR / Learning & Development professional in a commercial organisation
    5. Internal coach in a commercial organisation
    6. Business school lecturer / researcher / executive / administrator
    7. Student of coaching who is employed by a commercial organisation
    8. Any other kind of employee / consultant working in a commercial organisation which employs more than one person
  4. ‘Sole practice’ includes:
    1. External coach in a sole coaching practice
    2. Other coaching professional in a sole practice (including coach trainer, supervisor, consultant)
    3. Any other consultant / professional in sole practice
  5. ‘Private consumer’ is an individual who is not professionally engaged with coaching but buying the Ridler Report for general interest. This category excludes practising coach, coach trainer, coach in training, coach supervisors, organisational commissioners of coaching, HR / L&D professionals and individuals who are in any of the other five types of organisation.
  6. ‘Public sector’ includes individual whose principal occupation is working for a public sector body or government agency, including publicly funded healthcare provider.